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What is SEO and how many types of SEO

The full meaning of the word SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is done to make a website or blog post better understood by Google or any other search engine.

Search engine optimization is a process through which the quality, quantity, and traffic of a website are increased. SEO brings free traffic to the website or post.

What is a search engine? And how do search engines work?

You can call a search engine the current library. Just as a library has millions or thousands of books, search engines have millions or billions of websites or webpage stores.

When we type something into a search engine to find out or for any other reason, the search engine collects information from millions of websites or pages and finds the best result for you.

How Search Engines Work

With the help of a search engine program to find the best result for you. Which we call algorithms.

But no one knows how these algorithms work. Search algorithms do not rank a website or page based on one or two topics. Thousands or millions of factors work behind it. For example, content quality is one of the thousands of factors.

Search results are based on your location, search terms, browser settings, website authority, and more.

You can read this article to know how the search algorithm works. How Google Search Work। How Google Search Work

Type of SEO

There is no specific type of SEO. Yes, there is a process of SEO work through which the SEO of a post or website is done. We can divide this process of SEO work into three ways.

এসইও কত প্রকার
  1. Technical SEO
  2. ON-Page Optimization
  3. Off-Page Optimization
  4. Local SEO

Technical SEO

After creating a website or blog, it is important to do something to keep track of its speed rules. For example, technical SEO is very important to know how many visitors are on your website today, where they are from, what is available on your website after searching, which post comes first in Google search results, which page is not indexed, site map submission, etc.

So you need to know, Google Search Console, Google Analytics,s and Tag manager details about these three accounts.

OnPage Optimization

The steps that are taken to improve the search results of your website or post. All those steps are called on-page optimization.

Definition of onpage seo

OnPage Optimization Work:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Meta Tag
  3. Titile Optimization
  4. H2, H3, H4, H5 Heading Optimization
  5. Keyword Density
  6. Internal Linking
  7. Keyword Ratio
  8. Graphic
  9. URL Structure
  10. Image Alt
  11. Image Compress
  12. Schema Markup
  13. SEO Friendly Content
  14. Keyword Stuffing
  15. TF-IDF

OffPage SEO or Offpage Optimization

Offpage optimization plays an important role in bringing a website or post to the top of Google search results. One of the purposes of off-page optimization is to link to a website or post.

The job of offpage optimization is to create backlinks or build links to your own website. It is never possible to rank a website on Google without backlinks to the post.

Although many posts are ranked in Google without backlinks, they are not long-lasting. Your competitor can lower your ranking at any time.

অফপেজ এসইও

A post or website can come up with a Google ranking based on three things. The three topics are abbreviated as EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

There is no news from Google that can make your website rank based on EAT. But Google says to take the EAT topic seriously.

Expertise ( দক্ষতা )

If you point to something, Google will understand how much information is in the text. Or what your skills are on the subject you’re writing about.

If you are proficient in the subject you have written about, then Google will rank you according to the quality of your writing. Although Google has never discussed these issues in detail.

You don’t have to be proficient in everything. Skills are seen in posts that are based on YMYL topics.

It is important that you have knowledge in case someone is writing a blog about medical issues. People will gain or learn some new knowledge about medicine based on their skills.

Like I am an SEO worker so if I am asked to speak or write about these two things then I can speak or write better. But if someone asks me to write a blog about VAT, tracks, it will not be possible for me.

How Search Engine Rank Page?

(Authoritativeness) Authentic

We almost see in the news that Expert B will talk to us about this. For example, the children of our country are suffering from malnutrition. What are the causes of this malnutrition and how to solve this problem? We must go to a child nutritionist to find out.

Because the evidence that is available to him is not available to anyone else. And there will be an issue of human belief in his comments.

More examples can be given. Why does a brand create an ad with a celebrity to promote its product because there is only one thing that people can believe in.

We easily believe any information published on Wiki. Or if Wiki suggests a link, we can rely on those links. Because Wiki is a kind of Authoritativeness.


The credibility of content depends on the validity, clarity, and accuracy of its content. You should mention its source as soon as you publish the post on your website. Because whoever reads your content should understand where the source of all this information is.

Another thing that depends on credibility is the backlinks to the website or post. Suppose you write a content on how to start an online business. Here are some tips in this case. At the same time, your content gets backlinks from high quality websites.

Because of this Google will get a signal of credibility. And your post will be ranked in Google search results.

Another issue of credibility is expert authority. Eligibility for publishing your content. And add the person’s profile to the text.

What is local SEO?

Google has launched a different search engine for each country. For example, Google search for Bangladesh is If you search Google from this search engine, you will usually see the results of Bangla websites in Bangladesh

Let’s clear the matter one more time. Suppose you live in a UK country. You have come to visit Bangladesh. If you come to Bangladesh and do a Google search for 5 Star Hotel, then Google will show you the results of all the hotels located in Bangladesh.

Or you are looking for a good Bangladeshi restaurant. The results that you will see this time are definitely the rosters of Bangladesh.

I said at the top of this post that Google provides Google results according to location. But if you think that only dot com dot bd will get all these results from Google.

Local results can only come from When doing local SEO, local results are generated based on your content, website location, Google GMB account, etc.

Now the question is I don’t live in Bangladesh. But what to do in case you want to do business online targeting Bangladesh. Yes, it is possible, you have an option to Google Search Console where you can do business targeting a specific country.

Local SEO affects one more thing. That is your domain extension such as .bd or for local businesses in Bangladesh to create a very good effect in doing local SEO.

You can work with any country with TLD (Top-level domain) if you want. For example, my domain is dot com, but my content is written with Bangladesh in mind. So even if your domain is .com or .org, there is no problem.

Top-level domains are .com, .org, .gov, .arph, .mil, .biz, .net, .aero, .hn, etc.

Google Local Search Result
local Search Result

Notice the image above. This is exactly how Google displays local search results.

Local SEO can be done that way. Brief

  • Specify the location of the business on your website.
  • Create NAP Citations.
  • Create a GMB account.
  • Local keywrod that you will use in the GMB account.
  • Get a GMB account review from the customer.
  • Share your website via social media.

What does backlink mean?

Suppose you have a website and there is an article about Ache SEO. But the text was not written in such detail. Now you have added the link to this post of mine in that article.

Link building is when you add a link to a post on my website. Links are built in two ways.

Like you added the link from my website to your website but I don’t know. You have added the link for the benefit of your website visitors. If a link to a website or post is built in this way, it is called natural link building.

The other is to build your own website link. As you write on various Quora topics. Now you have a blog where you share the link to your website or post with Quora answers to all the questions.

Join different forums again and share the link of your post in different discussions. In the same way you promote your website through forums, social media platforms So that your website gets recognition.

Natural links will increase when your website is introduced. As a result, you don’t have to try anything different to build backlinks or links.

Various ways to build backlinks or links to websites are discussed in detail.

How does SEO work?

SEO acts as a demonstrator. So that your post can come first in Google search results and generate a lot of organic traffic.

Because every search engine wants the best results to come in their search results. You can’t say that all search engine algorithms work the same way.

Each search engine’s algorithm works differently. For example, if you want your video to be at the top of the YouTube search results, you need to understand how the YouTube algorithm works.

Since each search engine works with different algorithms. So it is never possible to fully understand it. We can only work on certain issues.

This time I will try to answer some of your common questions. Or the questions that may come to your mind.

SEO importance

Search engines are the best way to bring visitors or people to your website. And 57.80% of the traffic that comes to those websites comes from Google.

website traffic drive source
Source of Image Ahref

Search engines note 200 plus reasons to bring a website to the top position. Doing SEO boosts those factors to bring the website to a 1 to 10 position.

How important is learning SEO?

No, everyone has to learn SEO and choose SEO as a career, but that is not the case. There are thousands of other professions besides SEO through which you can open your career by freelancing.

But if you are thinking of creating your own profile by creating a profile online or through the internet, then you must know SEO.

See, every person thinks differently. This is why people don’t get clients outside of so many freelancing websites. Of course, people get several times more money from the freelancing market than from the marketplace.

Outside, different agencies do more work. Freelancing usually comes to the marketplace for those who need to do small things. But freelancers are never hired to complete a company’s entire project.

Another important aspect of learning SEO is that you need to learn SEO to understand if the person you are hiring to do SEO for your website is doing the right thing.

Last but not least, every online based company owner or MD should have SEO knowledge.

How long does it take to learn SEO?

I don’t really know the exact answer to this question. Even then, since the answer to this question is searched on Google, I am obliged to answer this question.

I hope in this sector two things have become clear about how many types of workers there are in this sector. I have thought a lot and seen that there are about 4 types of workers in this sector.

1. Knows all about it but doesn’t know 80% of the work.

2. It provides accurate guidelines but does not maintain the guidelines themselves.

3. Let’s think of ourselves as experts. But if you read their blog, you can understand how much they are experts.

4. Its professionals never consider themselves experts. Overdoes not promise.

Now tell me what type you want to see yourself in. After completing two or four courses, you will be able to come in the first type. But a professional worker is in lifelong learning. Professional workers know that it is never possible to be an expert in this sector.

Yes, it is natural that you will know a lot if you work in this sector for a long time.

If you want to have a good experience in this sector, you must have your own website. Brother you have to practice before playing football on the field. The best place to practice can be where you play professionally.

So the answer to the question of how long it will take to learn SEO is a few hours and a lifetime.

Mobile SEO

Yes, this query is searched on Google. If you have a smartphone in your hand you can keep track of the world, it’s true. And if you give mobile, you can learn SEO, there is no problem.

But where is the problem? The problem is when you practice SEO. You can’t practice good SEO with mobile phones.

Mobile SEO

Suppose you have a plan to write content that is SEO-friendly. So first you need to do keyword research. Keyword research is a broad topic so it is not possible to do it on a mobile phone.

When doing keyword research on a computer or laptop, you have to sit with a notebook open. In that case mobile phone you can not do the job easily.

There are some tools that can be used for keyword research. But as I said at the beginning or in the middle of the writing, the style of professional work is a little different.

Just looking at low competition, low DA, and PA, it is not possible to decide whether the keyword can be worked on or not. There are many more things you need to know.

So at the end of the day, we can say that it is possible to learn SEO with mobile, it is also possible to practice but it is possible to do the job in a very simple way or in a beautiful way!

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