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Landing a full-time work-from-home job as a Virtual Assistant ( VA) is an ideal way to enter the booming online employment industry. According to a recent article quoted by Online Jobs Report, the VA market is growing at a CAGR of over 4.4 percent between 2021 to 2021.

So, if you, too, maybe missing out on something by joining the traditional workforce, you may be making a mistake. However, with proper planning, you can leverage your skills to earn a very decent salary as a Virtual Assistant.

There are many types of Virtual Assistants and they vary according to the scope of their business. VA’s who work for corporate clients typically operate in the social media or internet space.

Some specialize in marketing, some are data entry technicians, while others offer SEO, writing, web design, research, and more. These virtual assistants are often based at home offices and are paid on a per-contract basis.

Virtual assistant
  • Full-time duties comprise many of the job titles offered by this line of business. As mentioned earlier, most VA’s work from home offices so they are usually called ’employed or ‘part-time’.
  • In addition, full-time duties can include such diverse projects as accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, social media management, and web design. These are just some of the typical services that many VA’s offer.
  • When compared to conventional, full-time employment, working as a virtual assistant has a number of advantages. One of these is the ability to choose your own schedule.
  • This is because, unlike conventional workers, virtual assistants are self-employed individuals who usually work their own hours. They are also able to set their own rates, which is another great advantage when compared to conventional workers.
  • In order to be successful in this field, you need to be skilled in several online business skills including computer and internet skills, task management, social media skills, and the ability to get and keep contracts. If you are serious about pursuing this occupation, it is important to learn these important skills.
  • The first step is to perform as much research as possible on the different types of businesses you are interested in. Doing so will help you determine the tasks that you will be able to perform and the salary you will be able to earn by performing them.
  • One of the most common tasks performed by a virtual assistant is graphic design. There are many companies that use outsourced designers to create their website designs, advertisements, and promotional materials.
  • The duties that you perform as a virtual assistant include creating quality graphics that will attract viewers and that will entice them to click on the links.
  • Other duties that you may be able to perform include editing pictures and creating posters and brochures for medical clinics or for real estate offices. These are just some of the graphic design jobs available on the internet.

If you have great typing skills, then you should try your hand at online employment. The pay is not usually very high but you will be able to make extra money if you are able to save clients a lot of time by typing out important documents and reports for them.

Extra Skills

Other skills that you need including proofreading, grammar, and punctuation. People who have these skills are usually in demand on the job market. You can also opt to specialize if you think that your typing and proofreading skills are more effective than the others. Specializing in accounting and finance can help you secure better online employment.

Virtual assistants are able to make enough money depending on how experienced they are in the job. The higher the level you reach, the higher the salary ranges you can expect to earn.

In addition to the general virtual assistants’ pay, there are also specific positions for specialists such as accountants and financial advisers. There are also online jobs job portals that allow recruiting of virtual assistants. These job portals also list classifieds that can be used by virtual assistants in the search for suitable positions.