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How to Set YouTube Video Quality Presently

YouTube video quality on PC differs from user to user but you can follow these steps on how to set YouTube video quality on PC. This may not be applicable on Windows 10. In other words, the steps for Windows 10 are different from other operating systems. It will also depend on your internet connection speed and computer type. For best results, refer to this instructional how-to set YouTube video quality on PC tips.

The first step on how to set YouTube video quality on PC is to download Firefox or Chrome, the latest versions of these browsers. Auto, which automatically changes the video resolution based on your current internet network conditions and screen size, is another popular extension.

This extension is preferred by many users because it is fast and easy to install and use. However, it tends to slow down web pages. Therefore, if you are using Firefox or Chrome, you might want to try downloading the previous version of these browsers.

how to set youtube video quality permanently

Then, go to YouTube’s home page, then click on ” Preferences ” icon at the bottom of the browser window. On the left side, click ” Videos ” tab. There you will see several options such as “manually” choose “plexes”, “ytid”, ” embed,” and “set preferred video quality.”

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Video Quality For PC

The next step on how to set video quality permanently on PC is to find and click on ” Extension Options,” found on the far right side of the window. On the left side, click “Network settings.” On the General tab, you will see a link that says ” Hopkins= YouTube.” The default value is false, which means that when you set YouTube as your homepage, it will be visible in your Internet Explorer and Firefox browser.

You can change the value to true if you want your entire computer (both the desktop and the Internet Explorer browser) to appear whenever someone watches a YouTube video.

Then, click on “OK.” If everything was successful, you will notice that every video starts at the same quality. This is because YouTube has taken efforts to standardize the way how videos are stored in its servers, so when you are viewing a YouTube video, you will always see the highest quality available.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the quality will be the same in every video. Nonetheless, you can set your YouTube video quality permanently by editing the “width” and “height” values in the “video settings.”

You will then need to visit YouTube’s marketplace and sign in using your user name and password that you set when you set up YouTube. Navigate through the left panel of the YouTube website and click on “YouTube Videos.” At the very bottom of the page, there is a link labeled “Settings.” Click on that link. On the following screen, you will see a section labeled “Video Quality.”

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Step – 1

There are two possible edits that you can make in this section of the settings – the first edit is the option to always play the highest video quality available on YouTube. You can also select a different format to use for the “width” and “height” values for your YouTube videos.

Step – 2

The second edit can be used to switch from YouTube’s default video quality to something that is more private to you. You can make the choice to always play the highest quality or select a different format for the “width” and “height” values. To learn how to set YouTube video quality permanently, read on.

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Step -3

To learn how to set YouTube video quality permanently, you need to know how to install the Firefox browser instead of the Mozilla browser. Instead of using the Mozilla browser, Firefox is the recommended web browser for surfing the Internet.

Step – 4

One easy way to learn how to set YouTube video quality permanently is to make the YouTube videos private if you do not want the world to have access to them. The easiest way to get around allowing the public to view your YouTube videos is to select ” Preferences > Privacy > Videos.” This will hide the videos on YouTube until you’re ready to view them again.

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YouTube Video Quality For Mobile Device

You can change your youtube video setting on a mobile device. Just follow the guideline below.

Change Youtube Video Quality in Mobile
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