Benefits Of Using The Bulletproof Article Writing Format

Bulletproof Article Writing Format

If you’re an article marketer or online writer, then you’ve probably heard of the inverted pyramid. Maybe you even know a few people who use it. But what exactly are this format and why do marketers use it? It’s actually quite simple. The Inverted Pyramid has been used by many top marketers to create highly targeted traffic to their websites.

The Inverted Pyramid is simply an article writing format that puts the most important points at the beginning of the article. It is a very basic structure, you’ll frequently see all over news stories. It’s also the format that article writers commonly use when writing articles to promote their online businesses. The pyramid starts out with an introduction of who, what, when, where, and why.

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  • The next section of the Inverted Pyramid is called the byline. This is where you write your name and a catchy heading for the article. Remember, you don’t have to put a fancy title here. Just make it loud enough so that readers can get the point.

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  • The third section of the Inverted Pyramid is the body of your article writing format. Here, you write your meatier points, such as the benefits of a product or service. You may consider starting your article this way. However, if you feel comfortable writing the byline and headline first, then feel free to start your article this way.
  • However, you should keep in mind that you need to make sure that your articles are compelling and that you have a strong call to action.
  • One of the biggest benefits of the article writing format known as the Inverted pyramid is that it will force you to write in shorter, more direct paragraphs.
  • It’s because the writer for the first paragraph is already mentally working toward the conclusion of each paragraph. Because of this, there will be less time needed for the other paragraphs.
  • Furthermore, another benefit of the Inverted pyramid is that it helps you write with fewer words. Because you know that it will be easier, to sum up, your points in just a few paragraphs, you will write them in shorter sentences.
  • Because you know the important points to cover in just a few paragraphs, you will shorten your sentences. In turn, you won’t have as many people reading it, so it will be easier on you and on those who will be reviewing it. This format is perfect for articles that only cover a few important points.
  • The Inverted Pyramid also forces you to write to an audience that wants information. When a person reads an article, they want to learn something.
  • They’re also very impatient. So, you have to prepare your articles for these specific types of readers, which include those with lots of patience and those who want instant gratification.

Finally, another benefit of this article writing format is that it prepares you for longer articles. When you finish each paragraph, you know what the next paragraph needs to include so you can keep your paragraphs short and to the point.

You also know how long each paragraph should be, so you won’t be tempted to lengthen one or both of your paragraphs to fill in a blurb or end of chapter note.

A final benefit of this article writing format is that it forces a writer to write about current topics. Most people are far too comfortable with topics that have been written before.

As a result, most writers have too much information packed into their articles that they’re not able to write about the current topics effectively. If a writer can’t write about current topics, they’re not going to get very far.

Writing an article is only half the battle, but understanding the other half is the difference between success and failure. By understanding the benefits of using the bulletproof article writing format, you can increase your ability to write articles with ease. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll find that your clients appreciate your work even more.

Hopefully, by now you understand why bulletproof article writing format is so helpful. It forces you to write with the mindset and style of a professional journalist.

It helps you let us know what’s important to your readers and it helps you write clearly so your readers can understand what you’re saying. You’ll find that once you start writing in this style, you’ll begin to get better results and you’ll be able to help your clients more effectively.

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