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What are YouTube Stories

YouTube Stories is a collection of short, video-based videos. There are no soundtracks, no interviews, no set pieces, no cutaways, and nothing in common except for the fact that each video is only a few minutes long.

To watch YouTube Stories, you need to have an account at YouTube and have a recent enough video uploaded that you want to share with others. You can view multiple YouTube Stories at once by opening up each in the YouTube application and searching for it.

YouTube Career

YouTube Video Making Idea

YouTube Stories is very similar to the layout and format of the actual YouTube website, and therefore they make good use of the custom-made YouTube channel. Instead of having to browse through tons of other channels, you can narrow down your search to the videos that you want to watch or find by category.

You can even watch YouTube stories that are part of a larger project or organization’s ongoing video series. The great thing about YouTube subscriptions is that you get to vote on the most popular videos and add comments to ones that you disagree with.

As you watch the videos in order, you can keep track of the comments and watch the conversation evolve as the video is being voted on, commented on, and discussed.

YouTube subscriptions allow you to get access to a community of real people who love to watch videos like yours and are interested in the same things that you do.

You can follow the progress of the videos as they get added to the channel, receive updates on when new videos are added, and view the creative process behind the creation of each one of these videos so that you can follow along as you would with any other creative endeavor.

In addition to all of this, the subscription feed also allows you to receive notifications whenever new content is published by the creators of these videos, allowing you to stay on top of the conversations to better understand their work. If you are looking for an opportunity to make more money and share your ideas with a larger audience, YouTube stories are simply the perfect solution for you.

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