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Top 6 Freelancing Websites Details

This is going to be a look at the top 6 freelancing websites that I use on a regular basis. There are many great ones out there and it is very hard to pick one. As with any tool or program, these tools are going to come with their pros and cons. They may have some great features that you want to utilize but then there may be some that you do not use as much. Here is a shortlist of my top 5 favorite freelance websites that I use on a regular basis:


Upwork Freelancing website

This is probably the best overall freelancing website on the internet. They have a huge selection of freelancers who are available to work on a variety of different projects. Plus, they have a great customer service reputation that will make you feel like you are in good hands. Plus, if you need training you can usually get that as well.

Website: UpWork


Odesk Freelancing website

This is another top 5 freelancing website that I like to use. They have a huge range of freelancers that are available to take bids on various jobs. Plus, if you have any questions about working with the company or anything else, they are always available to help. Plus, you will be able to get more than just one person to bid on a job, you can also get multiple bids from a single person.

Website: Odesk

Freelance Hub

Freelacnc Hub

This is a freelance website where you can find many freelance projects. Basically, it is like an online classifieds listing. You can find freelance jobs around the world. Plus, when you bid you are able to set your own price. They are very good at tracking freelancers and it is easy to see when you have bids that are close to the amount you want to pay.

Website: Freelance Hub


This is a freelance website that is absolutely free to use and has thousands of great jobs that you can find. One of the best parts is they are global so you can find jobs in many different countries. Plus, they allow you to post your information for everyone to see. The feedback system is great and they encourage feedback. Their tag system allows you to be able to put keywords together which helps you climb the ladder faster.

Website: Elance

Guru Freelance Network

Guru freelancing website

This is an excellent freelance website that offers a huge range of jobs. The best thing about Guru is that you can get help from other freelancers who are in the same business as you. The biggest drawback to using Guru is that they don’t pay very well. So, if your knowledge of computers and software is minimal, this might not be the best choice for you. However, they do have a high-quality reputation amongst freelancers.

Website: Guru


upstaff freelancing website

This website offers jobs to both freelance and permanent employees. They also offer training to employees and free classifieds to attract new talent. While there are some downsides to using Upstaff, it is still one of the best freelance websites out there. It’s also relatively cheap compared to most of the other options.

Website: Upstaff

When deciding which freelancing website to choose, you need to make sure that they fit all of your needs. Some of the top ones only accept projects that are suitable to their audience. So, you have to make sure that you narrow your skillset to the point where your website fits into the niche that you are trying to promote.

If your marketing isn’t too broad, you should consider other platforms that do not have a huge variety of projects to choose from. Also, check out the feedback and reviews of each of the top five freelancing websites to see how they truly fare.

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