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Learn SEO Part 1 (How Search Engines Work)

Learn SEO Part 1 (Chapter-1) Search engine is a tool. Which gives position to the content of the website and publishes the results when people search for something.

Search engines work in two ways. The first indexes different types of websites or web content and the second algorithm. Search engines rank web content through algorithms.

What is a search engine? Search engines are a kind of digital library where millions of data are stored. From where the search can find out the specific meaning or topic.

When we search for something in a search engine, the engine algorithm reveals the most related results to us through a specific process.

What is the goal of search engine?

The goal of every search engine is to provide the most relevant results according to their customer’s search query. Because they can hold their market share.

সার্চ ইঞ্জিনের উদ্দশ্য

Wow, you went to any search engine and searched how to learn SEO, now Google will try to find the best answer according to your question. Now it is natural that you will trust the search engine that will give you the best results.

How Search Engine Rank Page?

How search engines make money

Search engines make money by providing ads. When a search engine is searched, two types of results are displayed. One paid result, two free results.

How search engine make money

Paid Result: You have opened a new shop online. Can be sold from my online shop if people find your shop in search results. Since your shop is new so people will not find you very easily. Because there are thousands of shop holders like you who have been doing business online for a long time.

Now if you want me to open the shop today and start my sales from tomorrow, then you have to come first in the search results. You will pay Google or any other search engine to come first in the search results.

You can get your website to the top of the search results by paying or advertising.

Free results: After a while your website will be better optimized for search engines. Your website will appear at the top of the search engine results page. In this case, you need to keep in mind the time and the quality of your website.

It takes time to get free results but with free results you can do business for many days. Although Google changes the results. This change of outcome depends on a number of factors. And for free results you need SEO < / a> must work.

However, there is an issue involved in paid results. Then when someone comes to the first page of the search engine and someone clicks on the advertisement of your website, Google will take money from you. These types of ads are called PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads for short.

Why is it important to know how search engines work?

It’s important for your online business to know how search engines find, index, and rank your content.

If your website or content ranks for a good quality keyword, your website will get more search clicks.

The more visitors to your website, the more your business will grow. Because online business depends entirely on the top of the web visitor.

If your website is in position one in Google search results, you will get 31.83% search clicks of search queries. Two positions get 24.81% clicks, 17.18% for the third position, 13.60% for the fourth position, 9.51% for 5th position, 6.23% for 6th position, 4.15% for 8th position. Websites get 3.12% clicks for 8th place, 2.96% for 9th place, and 3.09% for 10th place.

How to position Google pages

How Popular Search Engines and Search Engines Index Post or Website Details?

If you are asked a question. Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Yes, Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

Google owns 92.4% of the search engine market. The rest 2.5% Bing, 1.5% Yahoo, 1.3% Baidu, DuckDuckGo 0.6%, Yandex 0.5% other 1.2%

Every SEO worker and website targets Google and does SEO. Because it is possible to get the most visitors from Google.

You can understand how Google indexes a website or page by looking at the image below.

How search engines build their index

Understand the SEO basics of Google

Google Page, Post Indexing Process

  1. URLs
  2. Crawling
  3. Processing And Rendering
  4. Indexing

Step 1. URLs

Google crawl starts from URL. Google Crawler can find the URL of your website post in different ways. The most common ways to find a URL are listed below.


Google can understand if a link to your poster can be found on various websites. And indexes your URL.

So the more links to your post are shared on the website, the sooner your post will be indexed. If a post is published on a website and shared on social media platforms, Google will index your post as soon as possible.


If you have a sitemap for your website, Google will quickly find the URL of your post. There are various tools available to create sitemaps for your website that you can use to create free sitemaps.

When you create a blog from Blogger, you can submit a sitemap using the Google Search Console. How to submit a sitemap will be discussed in detail in the mountains.

Auto Site Mam Creation Website



Sitemap Buil and Submit

If you have a Google Search Console account, you can submit your website post directly to Google through Google Search Console.

URL Submission

After URL Inspection, if you see that your URL is not indexed by Google, then you can request to index the URL in the Google afterlife test.

URL Submission

What is a URL ?

When the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is posted on the website, an address is created for that post. Which is known as URL for short. For example, see the URL of this post below.

How to create SEO friendly URLs will be discussed in detail in the mountains.

Step 2. Crawling

Crawler is a type of computer robot that finds and downloads your websites. However, Google Robot will not always crawl your website in the same way.

The way Google robots crawl pages.

  • The Page Rank of the URL
  • How Often the URL Changes
  • Whether or not it’s new

One important thing is that search engines create a time and schedule for crawling your website posts. However, if your website is large, crawler posts take time to crawl.

How Search Engine Work?

Setp 3. Processing

Google processes the page to understand what the real point of your writing is. And no one can say exactly how Google processes a post. However, some can only be guessed by looking at the image above.

One important thing is that only good-quality content gets indexed very quickly. Google runs a code to understand your post.

To understand how a reader can read your post, Google runs a number of codes on your post. And Google does some work before and after rendering the post.

Setp 4. Indexing

Post indexing is when a search engine encrypts your post on its own server. If your post is not indexed by search engines then visitors will not be able to find your post.

Let me give you an example, you are admitted in a specific unit of a university. Now if someone goes to that university and finds you in the right way, then it is possible to find you.

In the same way, once a post is indexed on Google, your post can be found on Google. If your post is not indexed, it cannot be found.

One thing is when we search for something in a search engine but we don’t search for that particular website. I am looking for any information or data.

So if your website post is not indexed, it will not be found in search engine results. So it is important to be indexed in post search engines.

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