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Learn SEO Part 2 (How Search Engine Rank Post)

Discovering, Crawling and Indexing The three main steps of a search engine are followed by the following steps. When a user searches, search engine crawls related results. The algorithms of every search engine are never the same.

But Google is the most popular search engine in the world. So we will discuss the ranking factors of Google search engine.

Google has about 200 plus ranking factors. And no one knows in detail about these factors. However, we all know about some ranking issues. Let’s discuss those issues in detail.

  • Backlinks
  • Relevance
  • Freshness
  • Topical Authority
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile-friendliness

Backlinks are one of Google’s ranking factors. Google’s Andrey Lipattsev, Google’s search quality senior, has confirmed that content and backlinks are among Google’s ranking factors.

A backlink is a link to your post linked to another website. As I am writing this article, now if I show a link or post to another website, I have created a backlink for that website.

Website Backlink

Two Type of Backlink

  • External Backlink
  • Internal Backlink

Internal link means linking your own post with your own website post. For example, a post on my blog is SEO Part 1 Now if we link that post to this post, it will be linked internally.

Internal links and backlinks are two things that are important for the SEO of a blog or website. Internal links and backlinks will be discussed in detail in the mountains.

Two things that are important for backlinks are the number of backlinks, the quality of the two backlinks.

A number of backlinks: Assuming your website has 2000 plus backlinks. This means that the number of backlinks to your website is 2000.

Backlink Quality: Quality backlinks are a very important issue. Suppose your website is linked to a high-quality website. High quality which has a very good backlink profile. Now if your website gets a backlink from that high-quality website then your website gets a quality backlink.

Note: Quality backlinks are more important than number of backlinks. A backlink from a high authority website is more effective than getting 10 backlinks from different websites.


Context is very important to understand your post. Because the same subject can have different purposes. For example, the big word used at the beginning of the three words big market, big fish, big hope means that the three things are never the same.

Big market refers to a place, big fish refers to the size of a fish. So when someone on Google tries to find an answer by putting the same word in different places, Google should understand what your article is based on.

If you go to Google and search by typing apple, you will see the following result. Because Apple means Google, a technology brand.

Relevance Google Search Result

But if you search by typing apple juice, you will see the following results. Does that mean Google understands what you are covering in your writing?

Another thing here is that Google can understand why you are searching for a topic. Google tries to give you results according to the upper intent.

As you search for apple juice, Google will understand that you want to make juice. For this reason, you will be shown video results in the search results.

Apple Juice

In order for Google to better understand your writing, you need to cover related topics in your writing. The title of this article is how Google ranks the post. For this reason, in this article, I am covering all the topics that are related to the title of the article.

Remember that search and relevance are two very important things when it comes to writing quality content.

Update The Content

In some cases, the issue of updates becomes very important. For example, today you searched on Google to review the popular dramas of Eid in Bangladesh.

In this case Google will show you the results that are up to date. I mean, before Eid, Google will show all the posts that have been made about the drama before the search results.

Up to date Google Search Result

Or if you search for a new product from a particular company with a model, Google will show you new posts that have been published in a day or two.

Google usually prefers websites with high authority levels. This means that if you want to be in the top 10 search results of Google in the updated results, the authority of your website must be good.

Now you search on Google How to tie a tie easy you will see the result like the picture below. Because Google knows that tying rules never change.

Google Old result example

I created a blog site and started writing on that blog covering only one topic. Blogs based on a topic are called authority blogs. And it has another name, microblogging or blog.

Let me give you an example, I created a blog on how to make money online. Now all the posts I will post on that blog will have the purpose of how to make money online.

Google usually promotes such websites based on a specific topic. If you want to buy a mobile phone, the mobile market will be a good place for you.

Because in that mobile market you will find thousands of options. This time I took you to a market where there are two shops. So if you have two or one store your options are fewer.

Make Money surveys Google search result

Every authority website or blog that displays results after searching on how to make money by surveying.

Every post inside these websites is written targeting survey topics.

Page Speed and Mobile Friendly

Page spreads and mobile friendly websites will help you to create website positions. Google has some specific tools that allow you to check the spread of your website.

Website Speed check

Mobile-Friendly and Page Speed Checking Website link

You will see if there is any problem with the page spread of your website. If you can solve all the reasons why the page is not being spread, the problem will be solved.

Some problems can be solved by using the WordPress tool. However, you need to hire a developer to solve some problems.

Now if you ask me what is page spread and mobile-friendly for SEO. My answer would be useful for page spread and mobile-friendly SEO, not necessary. You can say extra backup.

Because page spread and mobile friendly will create a positive tip experience for your users. Like I want to access a website but can’t in any way. Can’t say, the page is loading very slowly. The writings are not visible. In that case the user will close the browser and go to another website without accessing your website.

This may send a negative signal to Google about your website. So good if you can make your website page spread and mobile-friendly.

See the image below for the minimum number of seconds it should take for your website to load.

page speed and mobile friendly

However, if you need any kind of cooperation, you can contact us. We will try to cooperate with you.

How Google ranks pages based on personal information

Google displays results on the SERP page based on our daily internet usage. Suppose you do a Google search three to four times today. Good SEO Agency in Bangladesh.

Now since you are looking for an SEO agency in Bangladesh, Google will show you the results of all the agencies in Bangladesh.

If you search for some SEO agency, you will see that the result has changed. When you do a Google search for a specific country or area, the results that are displayed are usually called local results.

Google also uses some cookies to target visitors. Google displays different types of ads based on your goals and objectives.

Do a Google search for the best domain hosting company. Then visit several domains and hosting companies.

Now you can search for something else and visit those blogs or websites. If Google Ad shows the websites you are visiting then you will see that some ads related to domain and hosting are showing.

This is because Google understands what kind of ads a visitor needs to display. Although Google has not been able to improve this technology much yet. But trying too hard to understand the purpose of the visitor to display the ad.


Currently, location can make a huge difference in Google search results. If you go to Khulna or Rajshahi, you will not find the same type of search results that you can see in Dhaka. However, not all types of keywords will have such results.

I did a Google search for Buy a House. Now Google is publishing all the results targeting the local subject.

local Search result

If I go to another country and search with this same keyword, the related results of that country will be shown.


I went to Google search page and wrote how to learn SEO, I wrote in Bengali. Now look at all the results that are being shown, each result is a Bangla website. Now you do the same thing in English. How to learn SEO?

How to learn SEO

The results have completely changed. The main reason is language. If the Google Location app is on your mobile or computer, then Google will try to show you the search results in your language. Because Google knows which language is in use in your area.

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