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Basic ideas on SEO topics

I personally think it is important to have your own website to learn SEO. Because it is possible to learn SEO by practicing only one reality. Again, many people think that the issue of SEO is very complicated. But I think SEO issues are never complicated.

SEO provides good results when you follow each topic correctly from the beginning. Anyway today I will discuss. How you can learn SEO. And there are some things you need to keep an eye on in the first place.

56.7% of search traffic comes from Google. Since the algorithms of each search engine are different, what I will learn here is aimed at the Google search engine.

If you think the basic idea of ​​SEO is not enough to rank a website. At the same time, it is also true that very few people have basic ideas about SEO. It will be easier for you to rank your website if you know the basics.

In this article, we will first take a look at the basics of SEO. At the same time, this issue will be discussed why SEO is important for a website.

Importance of SEO

I said a while ago that most visitors to a website come from the Google search engine. The rest of the traffic comes from Facebook, YouTube, Yagu, and Bing.

5.20% comes from Facebook

Traffic from Yagu is 4.30%

Bing accounts for 3.60% of website traffic

If I could read our article on how search engines rank a website. SEO is important because SEO signals your website to rank 1 to 10 on Google.

You have an e-commerce website. You want millions of customers to come to your website and order products. This is possible only when thousands of visitors come to your website.

You’re new e-commerce website so thousands of search traffic from Google if you want Will not get For this you need to do SEO. Only a positive SEO package can take your website to the brink of success.

But with that in mind. SEO is not a magic wand if you start today you will see success from tomorrow. SEO is a process that you have to go through. And one time you will see success.

If you do business online or something else, it is important for visitors to come to the website. And the process of bringing in these visitors is created through SEO.

Website traffic

One thing to note is that Google’s 1 to 10 position websites only get free traffic. Google’s search traffic depends on the position of your website.

Google Position and traffic percentage

If your post is in the number one position of Google, 31.83% of visitors will get from Google search results. This same number of visitors would cost thousands of dollars to get from Google’s paid results.

You will get organic visitors regularly but you will have to pay to get paid visitors. The sooner you pay, the sooner you get visitors. If you stop paying, you will not get any more visitors. See the picture of the paid result below.

Google’s paid results for all websites that have AD written at the beginning.

Google paid result

You can see the results above. These results will remain as long as this website pays Google.

Google Regular Traffic VS Paid Traffic
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